Inter Milan goalkeeper Toldo scored a goal in the 95th minute against rival Juventus. Juventus had just taken a 1-0 lead in the 90th minute on a sketchy penalty kick, but then Toldo scores the goal to tie it up.

Peter Schmeichel sprinted his 6’3″ frame across the field in the final minutes only to help Manchester United score on a penalty kick. The header was never in doubt. He also scored a goal back in 2001 that was the first by a goalkeeper in the European Premiere League.

Schmeichle was always a force to be reckoned with, but usually it was his ability to make show-stopping saves.

In 1999, Carlisle began the final game of the season bottom of the Football Lague, with Scarborough 1 point ahead of them. They thought they were going to be relegated.

During their matches, Carlisle were going down, as they were drawing 1-1 in their match with Plymouth and Scarborough had just drawn themselves. Carlisle had four minutes to save themselves.

In the 95th minute, caution was thrown to the wind, and Jimmy Glass, the on-loan Carlisle goalkeeper, headed to join this last minute corner:

The real question is who thinks this is the 72nd best goal on any list? It saved a team from being relegated. Everyone in the stands it seemed like jumped on him in the center of the field. It had to be kind of scary for him being mobbed like that. He was carried off the field by over 7,000 screaming fans.

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