Goalkeepers are different!

‘Keepers are unlike any other player on the football pitch. Firstly, and most obviously, they are the only players allowed to handle the ball. However, there is also the different intent that every goalkeeper must have: the keepers sole aim is to stop goals from being scored. This is the exact polar opposite of every other player on the pitch (except of course the other goalkeeper!) as all their efforts are focused on trying to put the football into the goal.

The Museum of Goalkeeping

Here at the Museum of Goalkeeping (goalkeeping-museum.com) we celebrate that difference, and reflect on the great skill, technique, methods, equipment and history of goalkeeping.

We focus not only on great goalkeepers themselves, but also their character, their role within their teams (both club and country), the gloves and boots they wore and everything else which has developed a rich and deeply interesting fabric around this most specialised of positions.

This online examination of goalkeeping through the ages will show you the greatest ever saves (and blunders); the greatest ever goalkeepers; the history of the goalkeeper; interesting keeping injuries; stories about goalkeepers; and much more besides. Essentially, the Museum of Goalkeeping is an exploration of the good, the bad and the ugly – but most of all, the effective – of goalkeeping.

This museum is run by goalkeeping fanatics, with a huge knowledge of the game and the position. They have all played in the position themselves – either professionally, or at a high amateur standard – and posses the prerequisite attitude to keeping: above all else, the ball must not cross that line. Ever.

We felt that more attention needs to be paid to the number one position. We hope you feel the same.