There have been many talented Golden Ball Winners throughout history. The top 5 Golden Ball Winners of all time have exceptional talent and they deserve to be recognized for their hard work and contribution to the industry.  If you bet on any of these guys then you would have really mopped up at the top sportsbooks.

Paolo Rossi is an Italian player that was able to make it through the required group stages with one single win. That single win was a turning point for Rossi and his career. Rossi had 6 very strong and memorable goals to his credit. Rossi’s final goal was against Germany and he received critical acclaim for this accomplishment.

Zinedine Zidane had most of his accomplishments in the final match of the 1998 World Cup. The final match was 3-0. The final match was when France ultimately handed Brazil one of the biggest losses in sports history. France made it all of the way to the finals and claimed a memorable victory.

Zidane actually came out of retirement for a while which proved to help him professionally. Zidane successfully head butted Marco Mazzaretti in extra time. The outcome was that France lost and Zidane once again retired however retirement was for good this time.

Diego Maradona is a retired Argentine professional footballer. In addition, Mardona has coached other winning teams and has been appointed head of sport club management. Diego Mardona was very heavily involved with the “National Team of Argentina”.

Diego Maradona is remembered as coming in second. Diego has been referred to as an unimpeachable talent. Maradona is known for scoring the “goal of the century”. Diego Maradona is highly respected within the area of Argentinean sports. Maradona was known as an advanced play maker whom operated in a number 10 position. Diego Mardona was the first player to set the World Record Transfer Fee on two separate occasions.

Maradona was recognized for his skillful ball control, passing as well as dribbling techniques. In addition, Diego Maradona seemed to have exceptional and quick reflexes for someone of his size and stature. Maradona played in 4 FIFA World Cups. Maradona was remembered for his 1986 World Cup victory in Mexico City. In 1986, Maradona brought the Argentine National Team to a well celebrated victory in Mexico.

Ronaldo was called the most talented “South American Soccer Star”. Ronaldo was referred to as the best player in the world prior to the start of the tournament. Ronaldo encountered some problems within his sports career and his team was eventually beaten without scoring a single goal. Even though Ronaldo was one of the highest paid sports figures his career could have ended on a happier note. The year was 1998 when this sports figure finally retired altogether.

In 2002, Oliver Kahn was the one and only goal keeper to even win the “Golden Ball”. Oliver Kahn’s overall performance ultimately saved his reputation within the Tournament. Kahn was able to shut out all of his opponents in the knock out rounds in 2002.

Oliver Kahn was a German football goal keeper. Kahn is one of the most successful German players in history. From 1994 until 2006 Oliver Kahn was a part of the German National Team. Kahn eventually received the “Golden Ball Award” and was named the teams best and most dedicated player. Oliver Kahn has had an exciting and very memorable International career.

Oliver Kahn made the decision to return in 2006 to once again demonstrate his talent. When Kahn returned in 2006, Germany ended up finishing third in the Tournament. In addition, Germany also hosted the Tournament that same year. Kahn is probably one of the more respected players within his profession.